Definitely In Good Taste!

By Catherine | On Jan 29, 2012 | No Comments

Continuing my exploration of Charleston area wine shops and wine bars that I have never visited, I stopped in at In Good Tasteon Friday evening.  In Good Taste is a cozy shop that has been in business for over 25 years and is owned by Jacki Boyd.  The store offers wines, whole bean coffees, teas, cheeses, and an assortment of…

J. Christopher

Charleston Restaurant Week

By Catherine | On Jan 21, 2012 | No Comments

Charleston Restaurant Week is in full swing.  On Wednesday, a friend and I tried one of the city’s newer restaurants, The Grocery.  This is another eatery dedicated to serving fresh, locally sourced products.  It has a rather bare bones decor, which suits the building that houses it as well as its name. We selected J. Christopher 2009 Pinot Noir from Willamette…


Great Little Wine Bar

By Catherine | On Jan 16, 2012 | 4 Comments

A friend recently suggested that I check out a wine bar called How Art Thou Café.  Located on James Island, it features local artists as well as a fairly extensive wine list, coffee, juices, and a light food menu.  The café also hosts Friday evening wine tastings to benefit local charities.  Last night’s was in support of Our Lady of…


Amazing Dinner

By Catherine | On Jan 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

McCrady’s Restaurant provided one of the most memorable dining experiences I have had anywhere in years last Friday.  It was so perfect, I just had to write about it.  My friend, Chip, and I were greeted warmly at the reception stand and immediately shown to our beautiful table in front of one of the room’s two enormous fireplaces.  We opted to order…


Happy New Year!

By Catherine | On Jan 2, 2012 | No Comments

Happy 2012, friends and followers.  I hope your holidays were joyful.  For me, the month of December was filled with parties, great friends, family, and loads of good food and wine.  I am going to have to clean up my act for at least a month!  On Christmas Eve, my brother, sister-in-law, and I started the evening with a bottle…

In: Champagne
Harry Root

Celebrate with Champagne and Sparkling

By Catherine | On Dec 20, 2011 | 1 Comment

‘Tis the season – two Champagne tastings last week!  Harry Root, owner of Grass Roots Wine, presented the consumer version of the grower/producer seminar I attended last month.  He provided loads of valuable information and poured 8 grogeous wines.  I began learning about the importance of soil or “terroir” in Oregon, understanding the differences in the wines made from grapes…

KW Blend

An Excellent Oregon Pinot at a Bargain Price

By Catherine | On Dec 10, 2011 | No Comments

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the pre-holiday doings.  Let’s go back to Pinot Noir, specifically Ken Wright’s fabulous 2009 blend.  I have been busy sharing this delightful wine with friends and everyone loves it.  Ken created this blend for the first time in 2009 for the purpose of being able to offer one of his…


Why Drink Grower Champagne?

By Catherine | On Nov 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hello to my friends and followers.  Yup, I dropped the ball last week.  Traveled to Cincinnati for the Thanksgiving holiday (hope yours was yummy and that you drank some good wine), had some unexpected issues and just didn’t get a post done.  This is my new logo which will be incorporated, soon! I am back to my grower producer Champagne…

In: Champagne
Champagne Seminar

Grower Producer Champagne

By Catherine | On Nov 19, 2011 | No Comments

Being in the right place at the right time enabled me to attend a Champagne seminar this week featuring wines from French grower producers. Grower producers are just what it sounds like – people who grow their own grapes and make their own wines. As we head into the holiday season, I will spend several weeks on this topic. Today, 80% of…

lowdnes grove

An Autumn Affair

By Catherine | On Nov 11, 2011 | No Comments

The Charleston Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier hosted a fund raiser October 27 at beautiful Lowndes Grove Plantation.  It was one of the nicest events I have been to in Charleston featuring over 100 wines and artisan food samplings, all enjoyed on a perfect fall evening on the banks of the Ashley River.  My friend, Susan, and I had to be strategic with our wine…

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